#Worldwide #International #Giveaway with #thebeginofficial fb.com/thebeginofficial

For this lovely giveaway, there will be 2 winners. To learn more about this brand, check them out on instagram: @thebeginofficial and on Facebook here.
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Here is their website:  www.thebeginofficial.com.
You can purchase anywhere from one bottle to 500+ bottles if you own a salon or a store. Additionally, you can use my 0% off code: “sally10″. ENJOY! 🙂
For wholesaling opportunity, you can contact them directly via jamiie@thebeginofficial.com. I do have a discount code if you are interested.

To enter this giveaway, click here.
One 50 ml bottle to 2 winners.
More on this above product:

This product is not your regular face mist. It contains natural essential oils and extracts, with the prefect blend of western and eastern extracts without harsh chemical ingredient. We have selected the best ingredients for our face mist such as  Rose water, Moringa oil, Diospyros Kaki leaf extract , Camellia Sinensis Leaf, Opuntia Humifusa Extract, Glycyrrhiza glabra, Astaxanthin, Hyaluronic acid and Vitamin E

This is an all in one product, which will make your life easier. Our face mist can be used in place of serum, toner and moisturizer. It contains everything you need for your skin care routine. You can use our face mist before or after your regular routine.

With continuous use, you will see an improvement in your skin. Your skin will look brighter, more youthful and feel softer

This product is suitable for all skin types even with sensitive skin.

This product is  Alcohol-Free. Paraben-Free. Colorant-Free.

This is a perfect size for travel and for your vanity. 

Use this morning, during the day, and night.

The more you use, the better your skin looks!!!

via #Worldwide #International #Giveaway with #thebeginofficial fb.com/thebeginofficial.


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