#PhysioRadiance product & machine #review! #QNET http://www.qnet.ae/


First of all, no judging! I am not tanned and I know I could use some color lately LOL

Anyways, I have been using this for about a week now and my skin has literally never been sooo amazing! i am overall thrilled and massively impressed. Even when I get a pimple, I use the blue light for acne and the next day it’s pretty much gone!

I am very happy to have this baby in my life and you should definitely look into purchasing it if you are concerned about having good skin.

In the past, I got a laser treatment done, I know it may not be the same effect, but to me, I really have noticed a difference in my appearance and I am confident to leave my home without showing any breakouts! It’s honestly revolutionary and I am so pleased that I highly recommend this machine, the products, too, 100%! It’s a 10/10 and I used this every day.

The lifting is my favorite part, because it actually feels like it’s working right on the spot. It tingles & tickles, but wow is it ever amazing!

Click here for products and machine info.


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