Mitziel Shoes

Few top reason why women loved shoes;

1. Women gravitate towards shoes because they represent your standing position in life. Your feet are what keeps you on your toes, so to speak. Its what keeps you moving forward. Shoes also tell a story about the kind of person you are from the feet to your head. It shows what you think of yourself. In the home you may wear slippers. You are telling yourself its time to relax, take it easy, feel at home. When working, depending on the dress code, you go all out to either impress or just feel at ease wearing something more conservative. Feet are our feelings and a good pair of shoes that well made, attractive to look at, and comfortable to wear tell the world what you think of yourself all day long.

2. Shoes don’t talk back where men do. Shoes don’t just stand there looking pretty, they make you look and feel beautiful. Shoes go with what YOU want. Shoes are the perfect accessory. And having more shoes than friends is definitely the way to go. Shoes are your best friend and always know how you feel. They don’t tell you your gorgeous, but they make everyone else see it. Shoes make you feel good inside and always give you that excitement when you try on a new pair. How much it pains me to say it, choose shoes over chocolate, shoes don’t make you fat and you still feel nice. And shoes you can live with your whole life. Shoes always replace men!

3. I think it is, no matter the women, how beautifully perfect, we are all self conscious about our weight, and no matter how out of shape or in shape you are, regardless how all your clothes fit and make you feel, you’re sexy shoes will always fit!


If you are interested in any of Mitziel’s Fashion pieces and want to know where to buy it from, fill out this form below or send an email to

Mitzy gets this items for a fraction of the cost and can save you a bundle – nice name brands with more money in your pocket!

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